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Food Safety for Cooperative Extension Services

A partner in food safety

Cooperative extension services can help schools become food-safe by providing training, materials, and resources. The Food- Safe Schools Action Guide urges cooperative extension services to follow these simple but critical recommendations. Details, tips, and resources to help implement each recommendation are outlined in the Action Guide’s in-depth modules.

  1. Assist schools in developing food safety policies and procedures. 
  2. Provide food safety support and training for school staff. 
  3. Maintain knowledge of current food safety research and practices and provide this information to school staff. 
  4. Provide food safety curricula and materials. 
  5. Publicize and provide recognition for food safety activities of schools. 
  6. Be members of or consultants to Food-Safe School Teams.

Expert reviews of food safety education materials provided by NEHA in collaboration with CDC and NCFSS can be found at

New Team Member Resource Available! Check Out the Team Member In-Depth Modules

Learn more about your role in ensuring a food-safe school and find useful tips and resources to help you implement these recommendations. Check out the special cooperative extension services how to section (Word document).

Check out the Web sites below for more great resources.



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